Attending your First Consultation

Minds In Balance Psychiatry invites you into our private office with a comfortable, safe environment. Your first appointment is primarily an information-gathering session. It is important to learn a lot about you and your history in a short amount of time in order to properly evaluate your concerns and arrive at a possible diagnosis. Since diagnosis often helps guide treatment, it’s an important part of the process.

When you arrive to your initial visit, you will spend between 1 to 1.5 hours with Michelle, where she will walk with you through your medical history, perform a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, and discuss other potential testing and treatment options to begin the healing process and/or keep your health goals moving forward.

Your story is indeed your own and a very personal one at that. Despite what you may have read, a person is not simply a diagnosis. Nor do we look at people who come to us that way. We look at each and every person as a unique individual who is in pain and needs help.

The only person who can tell your story is you. So when you enter our office for the first time, you should remind yourself that you are your own life’s expert. We are not here to judge you. In fact, our main job is simply to listen to you, and become the world’s second-foremost expert on you (you being the first). So feel confident that we don’t know you as you know you in that first session, and tell your story — what brings you in today?

Ongoing Follow up Sessions

At the end of your first appointment,  we will often arrive at a tentative diagnosis for your problem. Diagnoses can often help guide you as a patient in helping you formulate a realistic treatment plan and inform whether medication may be helpful or necessary.

There are times when a final diagnosis after just one session is not made, in which there may be an update or change to your diagnosis after attending additional sessions in getting to know you.

We will typically schedule a follow up appointment with you within 30 days, based upon your individual treatment needs. During the follow up visits she will review any initial laboratory tests that may have been completed and discuss a fine-tuned, individualized treatment plan based on your tests and evaluation. Patients should expect to be active participants in the process. The beauty of functional holistic medicine is that it is truly personalized!

If medication is necessary, we will discuss options, benefits, side effects, contradictions, and risks.

Choice of Payment Options

We accept insurance plans and self-pay.